Monday, 30 March 2015

East Lomond in the rain

While some of the regulars were down in South Wales for the Winter Leagues Champion of Champions competition I trudged up to East Lomond in the rain on Sunday morning.

The wind was straight on the slope and blowing about 15mph as was the fine rain! Nothing daunted I put my Pike Precision together and, after drying my glasses, chucked the model off into the air. 

The change to the FX30 tx has worked well and I have managed to increase the aileron throw by about 15%. Not that it was ever sluggish in roll but it seems even better than before!

I had to keep landing every so often to wipe the rain from my glasses but by about 12:30 the rain cleared and the sun almost came out. After a few more flights the model (and me) had dried out and I headed home well happy.

Almost all my models are dialed into my new (to me) Futaba FX30 and I can start using the additional features. For example: six flight modes. Normal, Thermal and Speed as usual plus (for my Pike carrying increasing ballast) Speed 1kg, Speed 1.5kg and Speed 2kg. Not that I flew with full ballast on Sunday!

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