Monday, 2 March 2015

Damp day out on Dodd Hill

Keen to avoid going shopping I tramped along the rather muddy path in fine rain to Dodd Hill. Wind was too far round to the south but looked just about flyable.
Rain eased so repaired Spark was chucked off and it flew fine with a bit of trimming. Lot of up trim needed to will have try some 1/16th ply under the rear of the tailplane next time. The last time the Spark flew was over the quarry on this hill and I smacked the poor thing into the quarry face! Fixed again now though!

New Futaba FX30 working well so more than happy. Plans to fly model a long way upwind to test range were hampered by poor visibility but still had a couple of good flights!

Rain came back on so hid behind a large cairn for a while before giving up and squelching my way back to the car.

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