Monday, 9 March 2015

George (rain magnet) heads for Kilspindie!

I missed the Horcum event yesterday so headed up to Kilspindie with my Extreme and Weasel Evo.
Two more blots on the landscape
I arrived late morning to find two of the local fliers already there. One flying a 5M Alpina which had one of those electric fan things on the front! (Completely unnecessary with the 25mph wind blowing straight on the southwest slope) There was also a “T” tailed Middle Phase in action.

My Weasel was a little bit too lively (un-flyable) in the good wind and will need elevator reducing but my Extreme was going well controlled by my FX30 transmitter. I had to reduce the elevator compensation on crow but everything else was spot on. Only the Pike Precision needs changing over to complete the change from my old FG8.

I ended up with all the ballast in the Extreme and it was stonking along in the good conditions. A few showers passed either side of the hill and I hid behind the trig point when one passed over us. The Alpina owner fled just prior to this.

Rain showers passing to the north
Another good flight was cut short when yet another shower approached and I was forced to hunker down behind the trig point again. 
Starting to get wet
This shower turned into an absolute deluge! Of course, I had left my waterproof trousers in the car and I got soaked. I don’t mean damp, I mean soaked to the skin. I trudged back to the car looking like a drowned rat! The heated seat in my car helped make me feel a bit less soggy on the way home in the now dry and sunny weather.

Still glad I went nonetheless! 

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