Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday 21 July Kilspindie

Saw a deer friend on my way up the hill!

A reasonable east wind was blowing at home when I left for Kilspindie early this morning but experience has taught me to take my Longshot DLG just in case. Just as well because it was virtually flat calm when I got there. A barely detectable 3-4mph easterly kept my Longshot up for some thermal hunting fun. It was overcast initially but lift was there and I managed to blunder into a few thermals from time to time.

Just after 11 the wind picked up so I quickly heaved my Ascot off into some really sinky air. A tense few minutes passed before I found some better air and got back to slope height. For the first time I was flying with the 400g of wing ballast removed and the Ascot felt stodgy and needed up trim. I had neglected to remove some nose weight to allow for the forward shift of cg. I landed and put the ballast back and the Ascot was much better and was soon zipping along in the light air. Some good air came along from time to time and it was going well, The wind continued to build but I had to head home for a family lunch.

Picked up a new project yesterday and, for obvious reasons, it is heading for a trip into the workshop.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Foamie Fun and BMFA F3F Sat and Sun 13&14 July

With a promise of some great summer weather several of us rocked up at Kilspindie for some foamie racing action and some F3F practice. When I arrived just before 10 the sun was out although there was hardly a breath of wind. However as more arrived the wind picked up from the east (as forecast) and we headed up to the east slope. Within half an hour the harr blew in from the sea and put paid to flying for a while although it did eventually clear. Unfortunately the temperature plumeted and I had to go back to my car for a windproof jacket and loaned David Loomes my spare fleece. Those in t-shirts and shorts were soon chilled!
Foamie Racing. Yippee!!

Eventual winner Ronnie McRocket concentrates!

Just back from some warm weather in France Ewan tries to shelter from the wind-chill!

Ronnie launches Gonzalo's model for some F3F practice.
Next day we all headed for Bishop Hill for the Scottish round of the BMFA F3F league. For the second year we were more than lucky with the weather. What a brilliant day. Non-stop action. Some excellent flying to be seen as the experienced guys tried to work out the best lines on the slope. EM, bank-and-yank, reversals were all on display. (All three in most rounds when I was flying!) Impressed by John Treble setting a new PB with his Extreme I dug mine out instead of my Ascot. Smart move? Who knows!!
Mick Walsh got really close to the edge in one round and caught the wingtip of his Needle which did a neat flat spin before flying on.
Dave Watson flicked his Cyril into the hill but the sturdy model survived fine. Later on Dave fell on his face walking over to land which the person flying just before him found very amusing:) Nice to have friends!

Lovely Crossfire

David Reid and Stinger

T in The Park site can be seen in the background

Ewan about to launch Paul's Race M

What a great day and those that could not make it missed a truly memorable day.