Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring weather

Light south-westerly winds found me up on Dodd Hill near home with my Longshot. The light breeze was perfect for some slope thermal action. I had it specked-out several times and scraping around below the slope just as often although there was always some slope lift close in. The changeover to my new transmitter only took a few minutes at home and a tweak on the elevator compensation in crow had the model going as well as it ever did.


Sunday was a sunny day with no wind to speak about. I took my Stinger up East Lomond anticipating a west-south-westerly but if anything it was north-north-westerly. Hopeless. I sat and drank most of the tea in my flask and enjoyed the weather and the views. The whole of south Fife covered in fog while I was well above it. 

It looked a cracking day for a walk so I headed down the north side of EL and headed out along the road to Craigmead.  I thought I might get going from the low north-west ridge on the way but there was no wind so the Stinger stayed in the bag. 
Fog in the valley

Sculpted by the wind

Busy up there at lunchtime. All those poor eggs getting rolled

Busy car park
Great walk with the only downside being my 10kg rucksack plus my Stinger over my shoulder!

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