Monday, 16 March 2015

24 hours late at Kilspindie!

Saturday was the last of the Winter F3F league and I couldn’t make it although it turned out that the fickle weather put paid to the competition. Nevertheless I regret missing a day out on the hill even if there was no result. The banter would be good if nothing else! 

Sunday morning saw me heading up to Kilspindie with my Stinger and Weasel Evo. When I left home there was a good breeze blowing in from the sea but although the wind was blowing straight on the east slope the wind was quite light. Peaking at 10mph on the edge. 

Buzzy the annoying/annoyed buzzard was out of his tree the moment I stood on the slope edge but the guys on Saturday must have annoyed him so much he cleared off. Either that or there are no eggs in the nest yet!

After reducing the elevator throw by half my Weasel was flying as well as ever using my new-to-me FX30 transmitter.

The Stinger was next and after a quick range check to make sure all was well with the FX30 in this model it was heaved off just as the lift dropped away. Perfect timing. A touch of squeaky-bottom combined with “Thermal” flap and careful flying got the model back to slope height after a few passes along the slope. I had been quickly working out where the best spot might be to dump it if I couldn’t find lift! The lift picked up again and I was able to get the model up to a comfortable height and switch to normal mode. Phew!

About 12 o’clock the wind picked up to about 15mph and the Stinger was going well. I hooked a big thermal and almost specked the model out before scaring myself silly with a vertical dive levelling out along the slope edge and whipping back round the turn and heading straight towards me! Yippee!! By the time I left early afternoon the wind had dropped back to around 7mph so I think I had the best of the air.

Only the Pike Precision needs dialling in to the new tx and all my F3F models will be changed over.

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