Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kilspindie Saturday 30 April

Similar great conditions to yesterday saw Peter giving his Alliaj and Kyril a thrashing on the slope first thing. Ian Stewart with his Skorpion was heading up to join him when I arrived with my Vikos, Skorpion and Reaper.

When I got to the slope I discovered that Hugh Barker was also there and he was tearing up the air with his D40. This miniature DS machine can really move although I have to say it gets small really quickly. We were all impressed and speculating whether Sloperacer had any in stock. Turned out I had Zim's number but I didn't phone. Yet!!

Peter headed off at lunchtime followed by Hugh shortly afterwards. Ian and I had a few more flights before Ian had to go and left me the slope to myself. Some fiddling around ensued before I got my Reaper going well. It is ages since it flew and I remember I had been adding lead to the tail to help it turn tighter but this had spoiled the rest of the handling. Lead removed it was smooth and fast once more.

Some of the "Perth" foamie guys arrived and it was good to see Bob, Jeff, Charlie and Ahmed again.

I had a short flight with my Reaper (foamie) before heading home well happy once again :o)

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