Wednesday, 4 May 2011

St Cyrus

After spotting a thread on RCMF about flying from the cliffs at St Cyrus I had wee forum discussion with the original poster Roy Garden about how to get to the slope. On my way back from Aberdeen I made a small detour and found the slope right next to a car park. A 50 metre walk to the launch point. By coincidence Roy was already there with his Mini Vector. It so happened that my Weasel Evo was lurking in the car boot together with my transmitter. Lucky eh? 2 minutes later my Weasel was lapping up the silky smooth lift coming up the 40 metre high cliffs. I really wish I had taken my Race M. Next time maybe.

Had a chat to Roy for a while and he showed me the preferred landing area for mouldies (well back from the slope and not on the edge where I dumped my Weasel!) A really pleasant late afternoon but I had to head home all too soon. About 40 minutes from my house to launch point which is about the fastest I can get to any slope! A great site well worth looking out for. There are even benches for weary glider fliers to rest on.

Very poor picture from mobile phone but you can just make out Roy and his Mini Vector:-


  1. Hi George, I flew at St Syrus many years ago when i was flying a Nick Wright `Electra`. Amazing lift and as you say, silky smooth. I flew along to the right hand side and got mobbed by hundreds of seagulls,so I could hardly make out the model. Quite scary so i reckoned it must have been the nesting season.
    Landing at a cliff site is always a problem and as luck had it the `Electra` was easy to repair.

  2. I was lucky and the seagulls didn't bother me. I landed by crabbing along the slope edge and dumping it on the long grass between the path and the cliff edge. One danger would be clipping the grass and having the model fall over the edge again with no airspeed! Safer to land well back in the field.