Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday 16 April East Lomond

Being an optimistic person I ignored the Windmap forecast of westerly winds and headed for East Lomond. Last night Windmap had said south-westerly. When I was walking up the track the wind was blowing straight in my face. West. Hey ho!

I flew my Weasel to try out the lift and the wind was well crossed from the right but flyable. I had a couple of flights with my Skorpion but there was only a small band of good lift out in front of the main hill so practice F3F runs were out. I did have a good few flights with my Weasel and spent a lot of time skimming along at low level throwing in loops, rolls, inverted, stall turns etc. Yippee. Eventually the wind swung even further round to the west-north-west and spoiled the fun! Forgot camera so no pictures:o(

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