Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Flight Kilspindie 29 April 2011

A free day off and a good easterly wind forecast tempted me to email some of the regulars for a flee. Just as I was leaving the house with a car full of F3F models my wife phoned to ask what the dress was like. “Dress? What dress?”

Mike was already there carving up the sky with his Extreme and Ascot. I met up with Ian Stewart and his new Strega in the car park and we headed up the hill to join in the fun. I flew my Skorpion and it wasn’t hanging about in the 30mph east wind which was pretty well straight onto the slope. Excellent!

I switched to my fully ballasted Vikos and it was going faster than I have ever seen it go with tight grippy turns. It liked the great lift today. Pity we don’t have a competition tomorrow because the forecast is more of the same.

Ian had his Strega going well and it looked well sorted out and was covering the ground very quickly.

Ali appeared with his Strega and had a blast tearing up the sky.

David Loomes and Peter appeared at that point to bring the numbers up to 6. Not bad for a Friday afternoon. Peter flew his new Alliaj which looked fast but Peter thinks it still needs some tweaks. His Kyril was going a s swiftly as ever.

David entertained us by flying his tiny Multiplex Fox. I was convinced it was way too windy for it but it coped very well until catastrophically the fin departed which allowed the tailplane to head for the back of the hill closely followed by the wings! Much amusement and an easy fix. David then flew his Ceres and it wasn’t hanging about in the great air. Kilspindie can be terrific on the right day and today was one of those days!

Excellent. Best day flying for ages. Days like today make the less than perfect days well worth it!

Oh, and the dress was very nice!!!

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