Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kilspindie Sunday 17 April

Had a couple of hours flying in light lift which was well crossed from the north-west. Windmap talking bollocks again!
I only flew my Weasel today, Skorpy stayed in the bag. Some flights were only about 30 seconds and others I managed to find some more lifty air and lasted 15 mins or so. The wind direction shifted from time to time so I was guessing there was some thermal activity going on. I was thinking about heading home when I launched into some nice air and then stumbled into a good thermal and specked out my Weasel and flew from thermal to thermal at great height. Not bad for some moulded foam! Better fun than painting the exterior paintwork!

There is an F3F competition scheduled for next Saturday which is exactly 6 months since the last one on 23 October 2010. Fingers crossed we get some flyable weather.

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