Saturday, 15 June 2013

SL 2 East Lomond 15 June. An F3F competition at last.

We turned up at the car park at Bishop but after a quick discussion about the wind direction we headed for East Lomond.
Problems with the timer meant we had to use flags and callers which was an interesing change.

I was well pleased with my Ascot which went particularly well in the first couple of rounds and I just need to learn to fly a 100m course and not one considerably longer! I have never flown the model with full ballast before (1535grams) but it went as well as ever. Such a nice smooth model to fly. I won round one and was second in rounds 2 and 7 and was more than happy with my fourth place and was not many points behind third place man Dave Watson :) 

Mike, you tart!

A queue of pilots as they wait their turn to fly.

Ian heads over to land his Skorpion.

Mike's Fosa crows through.

Dave getting ready to fly as David's Race M comes in to land.

Ewan gives the Fosa a launch


  1. Sounds like you had fun George, sorry I missed it but I guess I'm a fair weather flier! :)

  2. It was a dodgy forecast Tom and I'm sure you made the right decision. You would have been frozen too if you had made the trip. Summer? Having said that, it is glorious today!