Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday fun on East Lomond

Keen to get out for a fly I headed for East Lomond looking forward to light winds from the south west. The wind strength was more than forecast but the direction was more westerly than ideal. Lots of thermally stuff although some big sink at times!

I flew my Extreme first and annoyed the paraglider pilot who had turned up by how well it went. (The wind picked up a little more and he headed off home defeated by the wind strength) I am well pleased with my Extreme after the recent big repair and also with the changeover to 2.4gHz. Do I feel more connected to the model with the new radio compared to my trusty 35mHz? Well, to be honest, I just might!! Will I be able to fly faster? Absolutely, ha ha!!

Peter pitched up not long after I arrived and flew his well sorted Freestyler and it was very fast in the variable air. Nice model. The air was quite thermally at times and that Freestyler can go!!

I put my Ascot together and gave it a go with wing ballast in. Nice. Even better when I put half the fuselage ballast in too. One thing I am aware of is how out of practice I am at flying F3F and I really hope we get a competition in on the 15th. I predict late turns and lots of cuts from me! I blundered into some great air at one point and my Ascot was fair shifting but I couldn't fly it accurately at all!

After a hour or so and despite it being the first day of summer Peter and I were frozen! Peter was brave wearing shorts! Time to head for the cars! Not many photos today because I was shivering too much by the time I got the camera out and couldn't hold the camera still!! Summer? Huh!

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