Sunday, 16 June 2013

Carrot Hill on Sunday morning

I was up at 6:30 and with my wife still fast asleep I nipped up to my local "hill" Carrot Hill. Only a very gentle slope but great fun with my Longshot DLG in light winds.

There was a very light breeze at times and the direction was constantly variable but my Longshot got many launches over the course of a couple of hours. The occasional thermal and some light slope lift all added to the fun. After about half an hour I noticed the clip-on canopy had escaped and was lost. I spent a while wandering round the deep gorse and heather looking for it but it was hopeless. Being an observant chap I had no idea how long it had been missing! I carried on flying without the canopy and during a tea break began planning how I would make a replacement canopy. Hmm... A few flights later when I retrieved the model after a fluffed hand-catch I found the canopy by pure chance! Yippee!

Longshot with Strathmore in the background. Note missing canopy.

 Distant view of Lomond Hills

After an hour and a half in the warm sunshine (what a fantastic contrast to the winter-like weather on East Lomond yesterday) I noticed a light easterly sea breeze had got up so I crossed to the east facing shallow slope and flung the Longshot into the sky and straight into the sun! Dazzled! Luckily I managed to catch sight of it and flew in the light slope lift coming from the fence line and from a stand of trees. A few thermals soon had the model comfortably high. I was joined by a yappy dog which seemed determined to scare my Longshot away but the model kept sailing along serenely in the warm breeze. Yappy dog then thought it would be fun to run around me yapping away; I'm sure my muttering only encouraged it to keep going. The dogs owner appeared just before it got in range of my size 9 walking boots! I'm sure it was after the biscuit in my bag; I must stop buying Shapes!! 

Convenient transmitter stand.

A great morning in glorious weather. Well happy

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