Monday, 10 June 2013

Friday evening and Sunday morning on Kilspindie

Friday afternoon
The sunny weather and east winds that had been blowing all week encouraged me to take my Ascot to work with me on Friday and head up to Kilspindie after an early finish. Well, it was Friday!
When I got to the car park there were already several cars there and Hugh Barker was just heading up the hill with his Graphite so I had someone to chat to on the way up the hill! Apart from chatting we were able to admire the large scale glider flying on the slope; modelled on a full-size based at Scotlandwell apparently. Ian and Ali were on the hill with their Skorpion and Strega although they both had to head away not long after I arrived. Was it me? Hugh had trouble with his Graphite and had a bit of an arrival but it didn’t look too bad.
Although there was a reasonable 15mph-ish wind blowing there wasn’t a lot of lift about but when a thermal came through my Ascot got a move on!
An hour or so of sloping is a great way to end the week!
Friday evening
Not long after I arrived Ian and Ali flew models back to the car park cross country. Was it something I said?

Scale sloping 

Sunday Morning

I was back up the slope first thing on Sunday morning for some light wind flying. I flew my Longshot several times and my Ascot went well in the light winds, especially considering I left the 400g wing ballast in although there was precious little thermal activity in the overcast conditions. The wind blew a steady 12mph but from the East-South-East so it was well cocked off the hill. By the time lunchtime arrived the wind had virtually gone. A barely detectable 2mph which was ok for the Longshot but my Ascot stayed on the ground. Chicken!!
Sunday morning

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