Saturday, 25 August 2012

Foamie competition. Not!

The possibility of a foamie competition looked doubtful all week but the forecast suddenly improved Friday afternoon and we headed for Craigmead car park today to find a nice dry day and a light north easterly wind. Peter, Mike, Ewan, Ian Stewart and myself were up for some foamie action!

We did some sport flying when we first got to the slope and the light conditions were flyable but the lift steadily dropped until after an hour the lift became too light for foamies to stay up. Peter showed the difference in performance a moulded model has when he flew his lovely Needle. Even the Needle began to struggle after a while but Mike heaved off his Gulp as the wind swung east and off the slope. A walk down the hill to retrieve the Gulp was required!

Approaching rain saw us head for the cars. Summer weather again!

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