Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday fun

A break for two weeks in Spain meant I was keen to get out for a fly today. Dave Watson sent a text last night asking if I was up for a session on Kilspindie. Hmmm.. Time to try my repaired Extreme.

I was on the hill before Dave and after much checking of control direction and throws (and control direction again, in all flight modes, several times) the Extreme was ready to go. After one more final check. Followed by a final, final check. Paranoid? Indeed!! Well,, it flew fine. Elevator felt a bit sluggish, the aileron differential needs a tweak and less elevator compensation is needed under crow but, hey, it flew. One click of aileron trim so the repaired wing can't be too far off straight.
Extreme looks ok from this distance. Less so close up!

Dave appeared with his lovely new Needle and soon had it going really well. He seemed to feel at home with it right away and was being quite aggressive for a test flight!

Peter appeared with his new Bluto and it is very fast and agile. I had a fondle and is lovely and very stiff for a foamie. Peter also had a blast with his Needle and it demonstrates how effective these models are.

Here goes nothing!!

Needle maiden


Peter's Needle

The forecast for a dry day was wrong because rain drove us back to the cars. Summer?

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