Sunday, 19 August 2012

F3F Summer league 6

Round six of the Scottish F3F summer league already! It won’t be long before the start of the winter league :( I was hoping for some summer weather first!!

We were missing several of the regular fliers today but still had a field of seven competitors.

As suspected from the forecast the hill was in cloud when we arrived but after a chat in the car park and some banter Peter herded us up the hill to set up the course guessing the weather would improve as forecast. Just as we were about to get going rain could be seen approaching so we hunkered down and got very wet! No Dave Watson Sportbrella to hide behind today. Ewan caused some amusement by hiding under his survival bag.

It was great to see David Reid had made the effort again and flew his very smart Rotmilan. I hadn’t seen Peter’s Stinger before either and it also looked to have a lot of potential. Peter also flew his Needle and with Dave Watson flying one now (although absent today) and David Reid having one on order we have some interesting times ahead. Ian Stewart flew just after me in the running order so I didn’t see him flying much but at the end of the day he pulled a couple of nice fast rounds with his Skorpion. Craig was also flying a Skorpion and his times improved steadily as the day progressed as did Doug. Doug has just acquired a nice Race M . Ewan flew his New Sting convincingly and looked very much at ease with it although I did pick up a hint that he is looking for something more modern. I flew my Vikos fairly poorly for the fist few rounds but pulled it together a little as the day progressed.

Despite the weather getting us all wet earlier the sun came out and we ended up having a grand day out on the hill.

Foamies next week with any luck.

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