Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A comment on my landings

I was off work on Wednesday and nipped up to Kilspindie with my repaired Extreme to try out the adjustments I had made to control throws and differential. It was blowing a hoolie on the south west slope although cocked-off to the west and well crossed. The increased elevator throw I dialled in has made it more responsive although when I was trying some structural testing (vertical dive followed by very tight loops) I found it will flick quite nicely!! Maybe I will take out a little of the increased throw.

At first I thought the model seemed a bit slow and sluggish in the strong wind but when loaded up with ballast it was transformed. Yippee. 
During one of the landings I undershot a little and found a hidden hazard! Fortunately (?), for the model, the hazard was not dried out (or frozen) and was still nice and soft. Oooh, yukkie!! Once pulled out of the pile of poo, the half inch layer of sticky, smelly stuff on the bottom and top of the wing was a challenge to remove with only a paper tissue and many handfuls of grass! The bottom (ha ha!) surface was covered front to back!! Icky!!

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