Sunday, 1 July 2012

Foamie race that almost didn't happen!

East Lomond foamie competition

Despite the encouraging forecast it looked like we might get wet! We did. 

Had a great day out and with the absence of several of the top fliers my luck held out and I managed to grab my first competition win. I should cd more often!! My heavy Reaper does go well when the conditions get rough! Thanks to all the guys who managed to make it along because we were able to have competition and a load of fun! The rain and accompanying strong wind were more than challenging and we all got very, very wet by the time we headed home but it was a blast!!

 Windmap promises it will stay dry.

 Ian the pirate demonstrating one of the flags I managed to improvise for the day. 

All change.

Getting ready for the start.

 Mike landing his new Gulp.

Ewan's Swift takes to the air. Briefly. No lift and lots of BIG sink.

Ewan's face says it all. Where is the lift?

A more than a little soggy Mike looks on! If you look closely you can see the rain! Summer?

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