Monday, 16 July 2012

BMFA round 5. Scotland

Well who would have thought it? The first BMFA F3F league event to be held in Scotland and we had absolutely fantastic conditions on Bishop Hill. So many sub-40 times that they were the norm and a new UK record time of 30.02 seconds. Incredible!! A truly memorable day and one which we will recall with fondness and a degree of awe!! When the possibility of this event happening in Scotland was first mooted over a year ago the thought of this happening in good weather was an aspiration. To happen on Bishop Hill in huge air was unbelievable. We always knew this hill was (probably) the best in the UK and I believe we proved that last Sunday. To top it all, I was there taking part!! Who would have thunk it?

I left for the hill in plenty of time to meet up with Peter, Robert, Dave and Ian to get up the hill and assemble the course before the competitors arrived. 15 minutes after leaving home I realised I had left my transmitter in the house! A swift “U” turn had me dashing back home to grab the box from my pre-warned wife and I was heading back for the hill 30 minutes late! I did text Peter to warn him. The lack of traffic early on a Sunday morning meant I made up 10 minutes and set what must have been my fasted journey to Leslie ever!! A “dash” up the hill meant I was just in time to help erect the base poles. Phew!! Sorry guysL

Peter’s competition report on the results page says it all. An action packed day when all the good stuff came together. Fantastic hill, perfect weather, and outstanding pilot skills. Praise must go to Peter Gunning and Martin Newnham for joint cd-ing the day. Special mention also to David Loomes and his timer/web broadcast equipment. Brilliant.

All the local pilots did well in the challenging conditions. I was a little nervous before the start when I volunteered (me and my big mouth) to demonstrate how to land in the designated area knowing everyone was watching!! I would have been more nervous if I had realised that several pilots had followed right behind me as I walked over to the landing area to watch close up. I only spotted them when on final approach!!

There was some staggeringly fast and accurate flying to be witnessed all day. The EM style was proven to be quick by those who were up to it. Reversals worked well for some but EM had the edge despite intuition suggesting reversals would be the way to go.

Finally. No, the course was not short!! I watched Peter very carefully double check it!!

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