Monday, 16 July 2012

EPP 60" Nationals

The BMFA weekend was supposed to start with the EPP 60" Nationals on the Saturday but rain and no wind put paid to that idea. 

We met up in the rain at Craigmead car park but we soon decamped to the Pillars of Hercules for tea/coffee and cakes to wait for the weather to improve. The huge "Hawk Moth" in the Gents caused some hilarity as did Ronnie, Frank and Mark winding up the waitress!!!

The rain did stop and a light breeze picked up so we headed for East Lomond. We did have half an hour or so sport flying on East Lomond before the weather closed in and put paid to thoughts of a competition. Rain followed by dark clouds circling the hill before flat calm put paid to thoughts of foamie flying.

A brief interlude Alula flying from the car park but the persistent rain sent us on our way hoping for better things tomorrow 

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