Monday, 9 July 2012

F3F Practice. 8 July 2012

With the Foamie Nats and the Scottish round of the BMFA F3F league scheduled for next week Peter suggested that we meet up for a practice session today. The weather had been showery all week and Saturday a complete wash-out but we were promised 5-8mph NNE winds and a dry for the Sunday. What we actually got was virtually no wind and light rain.

We walked up the NNE slope about a mile west of the Craigmead car park and Peter heaved his Needle off to try the lift in the very light conditions. The Needle coped very well but the light lift proved fitful and Peter soon landed after the lift disappeared.

Mike (Ascot), Doug (Mistral?)and Sam Smith(Typhoon) launched later on and found some nice thermally air and had fun until the lift gave out when the rain swept in. Good to see Sam join us for the first time. Once the rain cleared I chucked my Vikos off but scraped around for about 5 minutes blundering through some thermally air before a hasty landing when the lift died again. Maybe I should have taken the wing ballast out? Doug was also flying at this time and had to do the walk of shame when he landed some way down the hill.

Ron pointing out the potential landing areas down in the valley!

I hope we get some flyable weather next weekend.

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