Monday, 30 April 2012

F3F Practice Day

With the BMFA F3F competition scheduled for the Hole of Horcum cancelled Peter organised a practice day for anyone who could make it. Six of us turned up at Kilspindie and had a great day. Peter, Mike Dave, Robert and Craig.

I arrived early so I could try my Reaper foamie because it must be a year since it flew. A last minute decision on Saturday afternoon saw the 35mHz pulled out from the wing and an Orange FASST compatible stuffed into the space. Radio and model were going well considering the receiver is nestling against carbon wing spars, alloy spar joiner and carbon fuselage longeron and the antenna are just taped flat on the top of the wing.

Everyone had the chance to have a fly before the F3F “competition” started. I am glad we don’t do two fly-throughs in competitions because my first three rounds were flown in awful air. Like flying through treacle!! Others flew in nice thermally stuff!!

Peter flew his new Needle and it looked fast and smooth particularly considering how much ballast the Needle carries!

Mike had his recently acquired Fossa flying well and looking fast and agile.

Dave’s Cyril was looking fast and when it got some good air it was off like a rocket and keeps up the momentum very well.

Robert is getting to grips with his very swift P3 which seems to have a natural pace and turns well.

Craig is getting the hang of his Skorpion and the practice day would be a real benefit to him getting used to the course. Sport flying is fun but here is no substitute for flying the course.

I flew my Vikos. Slowly:(

A leisurely pace, breaks for lunch and much banter left us all with smiles on our faces!! We should do this more often.

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