Sunday, 22 April 2012

Early Sunday morning fly

Frustrated after the weather stopped us having a competition or any proper flying yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn this morning and heading for the North side of East Lomond. My absolute least favourite slope. None of the forecast sunshine and a really light east was blowing about 5-8 mph but my Race M was heaved off and it was soon scraping around in the light lift. The lift was really light but I managed to keep it above the horizon most of the time and flew some slow F3F laps and the Race M was going well since the recent rewiring of the loom in the fuselage. A working back-up model again. Phew! I flew six flights and caught a thermal on flight five and specked out way out over the valley and Falkland village and flew around nicely for nearly and hour. Flight six lasted about 5 minutes and I landed out but only down on the large grassy area below the slope and not down in the valley 500 feet below!! The wind had dropped way completely by 11 o'clock and I headed home for breakfast/lunch!

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