Monday, 16 April 2012

Saturday morning walk.

A good North-North East wind was forecast and not fancying the back of East Lomond I headed for Craigmead car park and a walk along to the slope on the way to West Lomond. Craigen Gaw? 40 minutes later when I got to the slope the aileron servo in the right wing of my Race M was in the huff and not playing. Bollocks! The group of Air Cadets who came over to watch were dead impressed!! A spare model would have been handy.

Back home the wing wiring seemed fine but I had to take the aileron servo out to confirm that! The fuselage wiring seemed odd with my test meter showing some strange readings. Pulled the entire fuselage wiring out and replaced with new wire and greenies. Oddly, the left wing wiring showed signs of damage like it had been nipped about halfway along.

All working hunky dory now!!

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