Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday 3 January 2011.
I joined Peter and Mike up at East Lomond today but the walk up from the car park was a challenge. A lot of icy snow meant walking over the springy heather to avoid the treacherous frozen snow and I found it really hard going. My poor legs! I considered giving up at one point!

A good wind was blowing, unfortunately it was crossed a little too far west, but my Vikos was going quite well although I need to reduce the aileron throw for windy days. I find it a little too fast to accurately roll into an F3F turn. I need to dial it into my refurbished Futaba 9ZAP transmitter which has fully definable flight conditions.

With the air temperature about 2 deg C the wind-chill was significant today. Mike gave up not long after I arrived and headed home to warm up. I only had one half hour flight because I undershot and landed on a large patch of concrete-like snow and broke a servo arm on an aileron. I had some spares in my bag but by that time I was happy to head back to my cosy car! Peter had had enough too!

Friday 31 December 2010
Finally, and after a five week gap and after some encouragement by Ian Simpson, I managed to get out for a fly at Kilspindie for a fly. The road up was still bounded by snow, I got stuck briefly on the way up, and parking was restricted to the hard frozen snow at the side of the road.

The wind was well round to the northwest but still flyable. Ian spotted that there was some lift away to the north which was good fun although a bit too far away fro my eyesight! With light winds and bright sunshine it was quite pleasant and fantastic to be out at last.

I took a few pictures of the snowy landscape.

Some freezing fog can be seen particularly away to the south over the Forth.

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