Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gallow Hill 23 January 2011

With only light north-westerly winds forecast but keen to have a fly I set out early and walked up to Gallow Hill near Tealing. I parked near the huge Angus tv transmitter mast and yomped north over the moor which cleared my fuzzy head from the late night the previous evening!

The wind was pretty well bang on the slope and only about 10-12 mph but I gave my Skorpion a good heave from the slope “edge” and my model was soon gaining height. The lift was quite variable and with no defined edge on this hill close-in F3F practice was interesting. The best slope lift was about 50 yds out from the edge. Occasionally the lift died almost completely but always picked up again so no long walk to retrieve was required.

Camera balanced on top of my rucksack.

I managed to fly my Skorpion into some good thermal lift at times and was testing my eyesight to keep it in view. A few near-vertical dives saw my Skorp howling low over the moor and terrorising a couple of buzzards!


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