Sunday, 16 January 2011

16 January 2011 Kilspindie

With another F3F winter league event cancelled yesterday and keen to get a break from revising I went up to Kilspindie today. The walk up was a bit soggy after all the rain on Saturday but the wind was pretty well bang-on the south-west slope and blowing a good 45-55 mph! Getting my Skorpion to the launch point was a real challenge but once away it was fair shifting with most of the ballast in. Ian Simpson arrived not long afterwards in time to see me land which was ok if a little scary. Only a dab of brakes needed to dump height and then aim for the ground!

Ian’s Furio was quickly loaded up with ballast and it was soon scorching around the sky too. I put all the ballast in my Skorpion and launched again. Yippee! The lift in this strength of wind was excellent. Big lift!! I have to say that I felt the lift was much better than East Lomond in similar conditions.

In that kind of wind landings are a bit daunting but with a bit of commitment not too bad! Great fun and cobwebs well and truly blow away!!

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