Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Space Oddesey

In a conversation last year with Ronnie Lampe about the 60 epp models he was flying he mentioned that he could be persuaded to make a few models for others. The upshot of it was I asked Ronnie to make me a ready to fly version which came at a very fair price. Considering the cost of a NCFM Bluto and a receiver, three servos and battery what I paid was a bargain! Bind the receiver, dial in the throws, charge the battery and off to the slope.

By a roundabout route (thanks to Richard and then Peter) I collected my McOdessey a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to get it flown on Saturday on the sw slope at Kilspindie. 30-35mph wind crossed from the north. Did it fly? Absolutely!

Very smooth and positively the nicest foamie I have flown. Feels like a mouldie in the air. No aileron trim required, just a touch of up which has been reduced as I moved the cg back. I’m sure it can go back further. I have reduced the elevator movement down to less than 2mm because it is a bit fierce at speed. Speed? This thing is fast, very fast!! Yippee!! Aerobatic too. The lack of rudder doesn’t preclude stall turns and four point rolls. Outside loops and inverted too. I like it!

Crow braking is very helpful for landing this hot ship! The detachable fin means it pops in the wing bag beside a set of F3F wings so it will be going with me a lot.

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