Monday, 1 December 2014

Gallow Hill Sunday 30 November

The wind was forecast to be south easterly on Saturday and Peter and I had hoped to try out a new hill near Dundee but the mist/low cloud and rain put paid to that idea. It stayed pretty gloomy and damp all day.

The wind was forecast to swing to the north-west on Sunday which it did but it was very light, 3-8mph which didn't encourage me to go to Craigmead and walk along to West Lomond. However I did take my Longshot DLG up to my local nw slope at Gallow Hill. The wind was light but it was a nice day and I fancied a walk. Having been so wet recently and the road is usually pretty muddy at best I didn’t park at the tv mast but took the longer walk up from Hillside of Prieston.

Longshot with Strathmore in the background
It was a lovely day when I got there and I initially regretted not taking an F3F model because it was blowing about 10mph but within half an hour the wind dropped down to around half that and although my Stinger would have flown it would not have been a lot of fun.
Trying to hit myself!

 However my Longshot went really well and I was able to keep it in close to the slope and skim along the “edge” with low-level loops, stall turns and rolls thrown in for fun. I even managed to take some selfies with the camera on my phone.

As I headed home for a late lunch in the bright sunshine and the fabby views north over Strathmore and south over the Tay and Fife I remembered one of the reasons I love this hobby!! The scenery can be awesome! By this time there was hardly a breath on wind.

TV mast on Gallow Hill with Angus Mearns beyond
Wreckage of the Avro Anson which crashed here during WW2 on a ferry flight having descended too low and tragically flew into the hilltop killing the pilot. Looking at the location of the crash site another 10 feet higher would have missed the hill. Mainly undercarriage parts I suspect.

Spotted this stone waymarker on the way back down the hill. There is a D on the opposite side. 

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