Tuesday, 25 November 2014

East Lomond Sunday 23 Nov

Last weekend was a washout due to the poor (wet) weather and when Peter sent out an email suggesting we have a fly on East Lomond on Sunday I was more than keen! The forecast was for wsw winds about 10-15mph and dry with sunshine which is pretty much what we got. Not bad for the end of November.

When I arrived late Sunday morning Dave and Ewan were already there and flying. I quickly put together my Stinger and launched off into the 10-15mph wind. Dave and Ewan confirmed that the wind had been crossed from the west but it was slowly straightening up. My Stinger was going quite well but felt light with the 415g I had in the fuselage. I landed and put two lead bars in the rear joiner compartment which took the weight up so 900g. Much better but never felt heavy apart from when first launched.

Dave's Pitbull takes to the air

Launched and looking for the epic lift!!
Peter soon joined us and his Baudi Jedi was looking as fast as ever. Apart from my Samba Models Pike Precision it was almost a Baudis Models only day! Ewan was flying his Cyril and Dave his Pitbull. Baudis models are becoming very popular in the UK.

We were eventually joined by some of the local lads with foamies etc and were subsequently joined by several paragliders. We had had a pretty good fly so decided we deserved a coffee/tea and cake in the Pillars of Hercules hippy café. A fine end to a good flying session.

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