Monday, 8 December 2014

Northern F3F Winter League round 2

The forecast wind direction for round two of the Northern F3F Winter league looked somewhat ambiguous but Jon Edison’s decision to go for the south bowl was spot on. When we first got to the slope the wind strength was hovering around the minimum for a while but picked up a little and we were able to get going mid-morning. Light (fairly cold) winds with little variation prevailed all day so it was great to try different models, settings, ballast etc. I had a real problem getting the right hand base nailed and kept cutting or wanting to cut right up until the last round. As Ronnie Lampe said in a stage whisper, I was “flying like a twat!!” 

I flew my Stinger for 5 of the 7 rounds and switched to my Precision for the last two. The models flew fine. Me? Less so!!

Peter has a way to go to catch-up with Mark's ZZ Top look!
Peter switched between his FS3 and his Jedi several times and finished in fourth place, only one point behind third place man (Paul Upton).  Close at the top. I was well down the field (twat!)

A bit of wheeling and dealing also took place, Peter collected a set of alloy wheels shod with nice winter tyres for his car as well as passing his Stinger to Mark Treble for ultimate handing on to its new owner via the “F3F network”. I collected my new (to me)  Futaba FX30 transmitter from Martin Newnham. I just need to work out how it all works. It is lovely though.  

A Christmas present to myself

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