Sunday, 4 May 2014

Low cloud on East Lomond


I managed an hour with my dlg at Carrot Hill on Saturday and there was just enough lift to maintain height flying from the quarry on Dodd Hill. The odd thermal added to the fun. Had to pack up after an hour because I flattened the 350mah battery.

Longshot ideal for the 3mph wind



Being an optimistic was up East Lomond early to be met with low cloud on the hill. Lovely day everywhere else! I headed up the hill hoping it would clear. It didn't! 15-20mph wind straight on the slope but less than 50m visibility.

I sat around for a while and headed back to the car where I met local flier Mike who was keen to fly despite the weather. We were soon joined by Neil and I suggested we fly from the low slope just west of the car park which was, more or less, clear of cloud. Success! I flew my Ascot and Mike and Neil flew a selection of models including a Weasel and a bitsa mouldy!

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