Monday, 21 April 2014

Cute Clouds at Kilspindie

An easterly wind and fine weather saw me on the east slope mid-morning on Saturday soon to be joined by Peter with his FS3 and his Stinger.
Peter's Freestyler
When I first flew my Precision the local buzzards took exception to me flying over their nest and gave chase but in the 20mph + winds they couldn't catch me and gave up! They didn't go far though and kept an "eagle" eye on us!

We were soon joined by Ian and Ali and we all enjoyed some pretty good lift.

Big skies.

Peter had both his models going really very smoothly (and swiftly) and both EM and reversals were working well.

Ali launched his thermal model and immediately climbed a long way out from the slope.

Ian has his old war horse Tragi and it was going well with the inbuilt ballast (epoxy)!

My Precision flew nicely (as ever) with about 1.2kg ballast and definitely has the edge over my trusty Extreme which I also flew.

The skies were an ever changing picture at times. One on the bonuses to this hobby :-)


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