Monday, 26 May 2014

Kilspindie Summer F3F league. 24 May Hole of Horcum 25 May

Saturday. Kilspindie.
I won an F3F competition!! Well blow be down!

Who got all the good air? Me!!

I was unbelievably lucky with the good air and managed to keep it together and fly a careful line most of the time and not cut (I did have few moments though!). All that practice at EM turns paid off.

Pleased? Absolutely!

Peter watches David Loomes and his Race M
Go on Mike, give it some welly!

Sunday. I didn't do so well at Horcum the following day. My excuse is I was tired and trying too hard. Cutting is not to be recommended. Still had a great day and so glad I was able to shelter behind my own SportBrella because we had several heavy rain showers. 

Mark giving Keith's FS the heave-ho

Paul about to launch Peter's FS3

View from behind the SportBrella

Tented village

Greg's Needle takes to the air.
Despite the rain it turned out an interesting day with some surprising results. Finished the day off with fish and chips in Whitby and a MacFlurry in Berwick!
Thanks to Peter once again for doing all the driving.

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