Monday, 7 April 2014

Weasel-in-the-Mist and East Lomond at its best.

The forecast for East Lomond on Saturday promised a nice SSW –S wind with the possibility of showers. It didn’t mention the low cloud which I could see as I drove past Letham heading for the hill. At that point I nearly turned back but pressed on in the hope that it would clear. It didn't. Fortunately I had brought my Weasel-Evo with me and was able to fly it from the slope just west of the car park. A lot of the time it was skimming along just below the cloud-base and on occasion it almost disappeared.

Weasel-Evo skims along just below the cloud.
At times the mist thinned but the top of the hill remained invisible. Then the rain came on and I went home.


Being an ever-hopeful optimist I was back up the hill first thing on Sunday morning and it was excellent. Blowing 30mph + and building from the SSW (15 degrees west of south according to my Silva compass). Some high cloud but bright sunshine trying to break through and really smooth and lifty air! Great fun and my Pike Precision was going well. Really well!
A few light showers blew through and I cowered in the lee of the main slope until it cleared and the Pike was back in the air with lots of ballast. Yippee!! 

Hiding from the rain in the lee of the hill.
I flew from just beyond the gate well to the east end of the usual main slope and it must be the best direction for East Lomond. I headed home about 12 and the wind was still building.

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