Monday, 31 March 2014

East wind on Kilspindie

The overcast conditions on Saturday made me a bit wary of heading for Kilspindie because it is often covered in low cloud and mist when the haar blows in from the North Sea. It was really gloomy but the wind was smack on the east slope and blowing a good 25+mph. Ace!

Dave Watson was already there when I arrived and had setup base camp with his Sportbrella. My fishing brolly didn't like the rotor behind the slope so I put it away again before it blew away.

Just after Dave's Stinger took to the air we were joined by Peter fresh from his trip to Wales last weekend.

Dave's Stinger looked very speedy as it zipped back and forth on the slope in the good conditions. Peter had also brought his Stinger and it too was looking fast carving nice em turns in the cold but lifty air. Excellent.

My Pike Precision was looking fast too and on the odd occasion when I got the turns right it felt very speedy. If I could string together 10 good turns it would be helpful. On a couple of occasions I noticed that zooming straight up after building up speed could see the model start to disappear into the cloud. 

It was quite cold so we were happy to take turns each and fly for about 10-15 minutes before landing to seek shelter behind Dave'e Sportbrella for a nice hot drink. Dave was unlucky and knocked a wing servo loose on landing but the application of some superglue remedied that quite quickly although the cold temperature slowed up the curing time for the glue.

A good practice session before the trip to Horcum next Sunday for the first of the BMFA summer league. Summer? Hmmm...

I went back up Kilsindie on Sunday but the top was shrouded in low cloud and visibilty was about 25 meters at best. At least the walk in the fresh air helped to clear my stuffed up nose and sinues. Walking back over the moor in poor visibilty showed how easy it is to lose the path and end up having a slightly longer walk than intended!!

Visibility not great on Sunday

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