Saturday, 15 March 2014

Knock of Formal.

Tried a new (to me) westerly slope today. Knock of Formal. Near Kirriemuir.

I wasn't able to go the the Hole of Horcum reserve competition and didn't fancy the big climb up Bishop so I thought I would try a hill suggested by Hugh Barker. Coincidentally Peter was seeing a client in Angus and was able to join me on the hill about lunchtime.

Knock of Formal

The view north towards the Angus glens

Looking south over Strathmore from the south ridge

The wind was blowing a good 35mph+ and my Extreme was going well with full ballast in the sometimes bumpy air. The air was quite thermic at times and the models ballistic on occasion. Peter's Freestyler was going like a rocket. Yippee!

Looking east towards Loch of Lintrathen and the Mearns

Freestyler crowing
The new slope is used by paragliders so only good for us on windy days. The west slope has a bit of an East Lomond curve on it but there is a southerly ridge which looks promising and worth a try sometime. 

Great to have a good fly on a new hill.

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  1. A few of us fly paragliders here, mainly evening when forecast 8-12 mph so 12-18 at top. You guys should have enough performance to fly out in front of us on our fancy shower curtains. Normally prefer to fly the bigger hills at weekends during spring summer.
    Catch you there sometime,