Monday, 16 December 2013

Extreme air. Sat 14 and Sunday 15 December

Saturday morning saw me up early and heading for East Lomond with my Extreme to get some flying in before the predicted rain arrived.

Early start today
The wind was almost due south (190 deg according to my compass app) and blowing 50+mph. Enough wind then! I stuffed all the ballast in the Extreme and it went like stink in the fairly smooth air, much to the entertainment of the sceptical dog walker who was watching! Fortunately he headed off before I landed for a cuppa. A roller-coaster of an approach although the touchdown was okay. 

Extreme cowering in the lee of East Lomond.
After about an hour I could see the predicted rain heading my way so I high-tailed it back to the car. The wind was getting stronger all the time and the first part of the walk down the hill from the gate with a STRONG crosswind was a chore!!

Sunday morning saw me up Kilspindie for more of the same but slightly less wind although still just a hair west of south and blowing a nice 30+mph. I ended up flying from the well-defined edge 75m south (left) of the trig point and my Extreme was going very well and EM turns were great when I got them right. There was an issue with the low winter sunshine being quite dazzling but by diving under the sun's disk each lap it was okay. My Weasel Evo got some flight time too although the wind strength was about as much as it can cope with. 
East and West Lomond in the distance. Not as gloomy as it looks in this picture
The flights I had with my Extreme at Kilspindie are the best I have had for ages. A good wind on a reasonable slope for a change. It was cold though and my hands were frozen so I tried out my tx cover with the 2.4 antenna inside. I was concerned about range but it seemed to work fine although launching left handed is a challenge for me when it is windy.

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