Sunday, 8 December 2013

Auctherhouse Hill on a gloomy winter day

Auchterhouse Hill is only about a 20 minute drive from my house and I have heard it is used by the local Dundee club. I tried the hill several years ago with a foamie and wasn’t too impressed but decided that the forecast for a south west wind would make it worth a visit with my Extreme.

Snowy Auchterhouse
The ground was frozen hard and there was a covering of snow and when I got to the top after a 30 minute climb I discovered the wind was well round to the west and badly crossed. My Extreme flew ok but the lift was rubbish. There is only a fairly short slope before the hill turns away to the south so not much chance of getting 100m course setup. 

Low cloud and mist hanging around. Kilspindie behind my Extreme.
A grey day.
I landed and walked over the top of the hill past the iron age hill fort hoping there would be a west facing slope but there isn't. Then the snow came on!

However, when the snow stopped the wind swung south west so I headed back to the main slope and gave the Extreme another go. There was more lift this time but well out from the slope and not much close in. There was just not enough of a ridge to get my Extreme going well. 
Extreme with Scotston Hill in the background
By this time I was cold and wet so I headed back to the car. Not the best day’s flying but some interesting winter views. When I got back down the hill I could see that low cloud had descended so I left at the right time. 
Looking back up the hill as I get near the car, Cloud envelopes the top of the hill
I headed home for a cup of tea from my flask which I had left on the kitchen work-top. Muppet!

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