Tuesday, 14 January 2014

F3F Winter League 3 Saturday 11 January 2014 Bishop Hill

Finally a good day flying and on my favourite hill.

Not much to say about my F3F course flying but I was rubbish!! Well out of practice. The low winter sun caused some concern all day. Initially the sun was making landings quite scary because it was difficult to actually see the model (low cloud forming on the hill added to the challenge) and later on the sun moved round onto the course. This forced us to adjust our course flying to pass under or behind the sun.

I had a really good day out but I need to get out flying a lot more! 

Robert gives Dave's Stinger a launch

Dave Watson with a new hirsute look.

Low sun was tricky
Paul heading off to land

Tom's Stinger. One of four today!

Crow Braking!!

Great to get out for a good walk and a day's flying after the Festive Season. I was pretty well knackered all day on Sunday!! I am so unfit!!

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