Saturday, 6 April 2013

F3F Summer league 1. Cancelled

The forecast was for very light westerly wind swinging south west in the afternoon which is less than ideal for racing so Peter cancelled the first of the 2013 F3F Summer league.

Peter suggested we turn-up at East Lomond with DLGs and Alulas for some fun. East Lomond being a much easier walk than Bishop! I arrived early and found a light westerly wind blowing along the slope so I flew my Longshot DLG on the far end of the slope. By the time some wheeling and dealing had happened in the car park and the rest of the guys turned up the wind had picked up a little and swung west south west and we could fly F3F models as well as DLGs and Alulas.

My Longshot. I took this picture as I was flying it :)

Peter's Stinger


It was quite thermally at times but it was great to get out and have decent fly. Everyone had some good air to make up for the poorer stuff.

Dave's Needle

Nice to see a scale model

Errr..... Don't ask; but if you must try touch and goes in soft snow the model will vanish!!!

A great mixture of models, Stinger, Needle, Ascot, Tomcat, Bannana, a couple Blasters and several more DLGs and Alulas as well as a scaley!

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