Sunday, 14 April 2013

Extreme bites the dust. Again!

My Extreme is now on 2.4 gHz was going well with full ballast in big wind on East Lomond. Bit bumpy on landing approach but the brakes were just about right and all was looking good until about 2 metres off the ground the left wingtip shot up and the model flipped onto it's back. Bang!!
Broken again but it is the other wing this time and the damage in in the same area as the last time at the dihedral break. The change in angle at the dihedral break must provoke a twisting action when the wing smacks into something solid (hillside) and the drag spar folds and the whole wing bends back snapping the leading edge. Some damage to the rear of the fuselage and one tailplane half too.
The spar initially looks intact this time though. I still have the wing jig I made for the last repair. (Being positive here!!)

 Hacked off? Damn right L

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  1. Hi George commiserations on your loss, I too smashed a glider up this weekend, I know how you feel! :(