Sunday, 31 March 2013

Good Friday on Kilspindie

With winter dragging on into spring and no sign of big changes in the weather anytime soon a bunch of us rocked up to Kilspindie on Good Friday for a fly. Dave and Robert had already setup base-camp when I arrived and I headed up the hill to join them. To make the conditions even more interesting on my way up I stuck my right foot deep into a pool of smelly muddy water hiding under the snow. Very pleasant. Not! Yuk!!

A quick "Happy New Year" to Dave and Robert and despite the light snow and the threat of more to come imminently I flew my recently repaired Ascot and it went well in the lightish winds with 400 grams of ballast. Great to see it in the air again and I will get it painted now. Eventually! I had to land after 15 minutes because the snow was starting to build-up on my glasses. That is a new one on me!

Peter turned up not long after me closely followed by Ian Stewart and Ali. A great turn-out for a weekday! We could have had an F3F race!

I took a few pictures and if you look carefully those short white streaks are slow flakes!

Dave at Kilspindie base-camp getting his Cyril ready.

Peter launches his FS3

Model too fast for me to catch both pilot and model in shot! 

Looks like snow on the way!

Peter flew his FS3 and Stinger, Dave his Needle and Cyril, Robert his P3, Ali his Race M and Ian has his Tragi and his Skorpion.

The first F3F race of the summer league is scheduled for next week. I hope we get some warmer weather.

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