Saturday, 16 March 2013

F3F Winter League 5. NOT!

The forecast last night looked like we would get a few rounds in before the rain arrived at lunchtime so Peter called the competition on.

A nice frosty start to the day looked promising but the drive through didn't look so good with rain all the way and when I followed Peter into the car park at Craigmead it was snowing. Sam and Ian turned up and we stood around in the increasingly heavy snow before I chickened out and headed home before the roads got too bad. As soon as we got down the hill it turned back to rain.

Only one race back in November out of a possible five. I think I have only been out about twice over the winter and I broke a model on it's maiden flight on the last outing. Train-set required?
No pictures today cos we have all seen snow before!!

I really hope we get some better weather for the summer league or I will be taking up indoor flying. Or buying that train-set!

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