Saturday, 27 October 2012

West Lomond Sat 27 Oct

A northwest wind meant either Gallow Hill near home or the long walk to West Lomond. The last time I flew my Extreme on Gallow Hill I wrecked it quite severely so I made the walk to West Lomond!! It is a much better slope in any case and I enjoyed the walk :-) An hour of mostly easy walking saw me at the slope and a 20-30mph wind was blowing straight on the face. YIPPEE!!!

 Cold today!

 Waymarker (WS 1818 is engraved on the top. One of two boundary markers from when the land in the Lomonds was taken away from the Commoners (under an Act of Parliament in 1815) and divided up amongst local landowners. The Kings Commissioner who oversaw this process was Sir William Rae (hence WR))

You would think 10 seconds would be enough time to pick up model and strike a pose!

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