Saturday, 6 October 2012

We had to make to long walk to the north west slope at West Lomond today for the foamie competition and it turned out a great day. Especially as I tied with Martin Gibbs for first place. I am sure that if the other regular foamie pilots had been there the final result would have been much different!

At the end of the competition the wind rose and the lift improved significantly. The lift on this slope is usually pretty good even when the wind is light and when it rises……. Epic!! I took the opportunity to give my Extreme a test after I had made some recent adjustments to brake and elevator throw and to the aileron differential. The model went really well and looked fast but hooning about on the edge does not compare to an F3F competition! Landing was much easier with the increased flap movement.

I walked back to the car with Ian and we were treated to the sight of three high performance gliders belting along the north facing slopes.
 At one point they were away over towards East Lomond before they all headed back for West Lomond. They then flew back and forth along the edge several times with steep turns at the end of the ridge. Very impressive!

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