Monday, 22 October 2012

F3F competition East Lomond 20 October

The weather looked like it was going to spoil the last F3F competition of the 2012 summer season when, despite the favourable forecast, low cloud and rain greeted us in the car park. After getting damp and cold we retreated to the Pillars of Hercules for coffee and cakes and a chinwag. This gave time for Ian Stewart to go home for his cold weather gear; it wasn’t a day for shirt sleeve flying!!
Some time later and once the weather had cleared we returned to the car park and headed up the hill to get started.

I had brought my repaired Extreme along to try it out in competition for the first time and I was well please with way it went. I deliberately flew it heavy and tried to fly an open turn style to keep the speed constant and by the time I had to leave my times had begun to improve. I was concentrating so hard on flying smoothly I kept reaching base B early and wasted a lot of time getting the model heading back the other way. Anticipation required!! A prior commitment meant I had to head off after round six but I was more than happy with the way my Extreme flew because for a while it was looking like it would be heading for the bin! I just need to fit out the new Extreme fuselage I have and it will be done.  

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