Sunday, 8 January 2012

Walk up East Lomond

The last time I flew was the competition at Ballagiech Hill almost a month ago and I had been looking forward to the F3F competition at Hole of Horcum yesterday for ages. The cold I caught last weekend and the resulting lack of sleep from the persistent coughing as soon as I went to bed put paid to that idea! The early start, long drive and standing on a cold hillside may not have been the best option!

It looked promising for today so I headed over to East Lomond for some fresh air and a few flights with my Race M. As I got near the hill I couldn’t see the top for the low cloud.

Being an optimist (idiot!) I climbed up to the slope and hung around in the mist for over an hour before giving up and heading home. Annoying because it was blowing a steady 30mph+ straight on the slope. East Lomond has it’s own weather system!

Interestingly when I was charging up my Race M before I set out my charger put 1700mAh into the “Instants” 2000mAh battery before I aborted the charge and changed over to a much newer and healthier Eneloop battery which only took 170mAh to charge it. Instants heading for the bin!

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